MyText's Automated QR-Code ​Sweepstakes minimizes your to-do list.

MyText's Automated QR-Code ​Sweepstakes minimizes your to-do list.

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Sweepstakes ​made easy.

Our sweepstakes (enter-to-win) marketing ​campaigns:

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We handle the sweeps ​process for you.

Our sweepstakes solutions are easily ​deployable with custom QR codes.

We build landing pages ​to capture entries.

Our webforms are designed to be user-​friendly and incorporate your branding.

What makes us ​different?

Harnessing the power of text messaging to ​streamline entries and expedite responses. ​Swift reactions from victors mean ​smoother fulfillment, translating to fewer ​complications for you.

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Effortlessly ​Launch ​Promotions

Our ready-to-deploy solution ​offers seamless and stress-free ​campaign management, ​including unique QR codes, ​landing pages, and automating ​the winner selection process. ​This allows businesses to focus ​on growth while minimizing the ​headaches of campaign setup.

Fulfillment is fast

Get your prizes sent swiftly ​with our text-based winner ​notification system, ensuring ​a faster wrap-up for every ​promotion. No more waiting ​for email responses or ​playing phone tag - our ​speedy texting approach ​guarantees a quick and ​efficient process, allowing ​you to focus on other ​priorities.

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MyText : Automate Your In-Store Sweepstakes

If you're a brand marketer seeking a great way to simplify ​your in-store sweepstakes, MyText is the ideal solution for ​you. MyText streamlines the entire process, from crafting ​landing pages to reaching out to the winners, making it an ​essential tool for managing your sweepstakes.

Simply upload the rules and a header image, and we handle ​the rest. Once everything is ready, we provide you with a QR ​Code for your promotion. MyText is the perfect tool for ​giving-away tickets or gift cards.

Give it a go for your next in-store promotion and enjoy the ​convenience it provides. Streamline Your In-Store Sweepstakes ​with MyText and create QR code Sweepstakes effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked ​Questions

How does the fulfillment ​work?

  • Our automated selector ​picks a winner from the ​database.
  • We text the winner to get ​the info needed to send ​the prize.
  • We send you the info and ​you simply send the prize.

Can I use my own domain to ​host the landing pages?

Yes - we can help you the embed ​script to populate webforms on your ​website.

Is this compliant with the texting laws?

We maintain 100% compliance with TCPA, CTIA, and ​Carrier regulations by presenting all required ​disclosures and following the proper opt-in and opt-​out process for all campaigns.

My enter-to-win promo was ​seamless. All I did was mail ​the gift card to the winner.

Jennifer, Marketing Manager, Beverage Industry

MyText streamlines my ​promotions, saving me ​time.

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